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Redditch Electric Cooker Oven Repairs Servicing
Affordable Appliance Repairs
of Redditch
service and repair all makes of Electric Ovens, Cookers and Hobs in the following local areas:

bullet Bromsgrove
bullet Redditch
bullet Droitwich
bullet Kidderminster
bullet Stourport
bullet Worcester

If you live outside of these
areas please call as we
still might be able to help.

Electric Oven, Cooker and Hob Repairs in the Redditch Area

Local Redditch based Electric Oven Repairman with over 20 years experience fixing and repairing Electric Ovens, Cookers and Hobs. He carries a large amount of Cooker spare parts with him, so can fix most common Oven and Cooker faults on the spot. If we don't have the part for the job we have accounts with all the major Electric Oven and Cooker manufacturers. This means it only takes us a few days to get hold of those essential replacement Cooker spares and parts and fix the faulty appliance.

12 Month Parts & Labour Guarantee - All work carried out on your Electric Oven and Cooker is guaranteed for 12 months and is fully insured.

For a FREE call back, same day service as we're local to the Redditch area and a no fix - no fee guarantee on your faulty Electric Cooker please call us on 07980 804 329

Common Electric Cooker, Oven and Hob faults:

bullet Electric Oven not heating up or not at all
bullet Faulty Electric Cooker is getting too hot
bullet Fan Oven blades not working - no sound from Oven
bullet Oven Door wont shut - Can't shut Oven Door
bullet Loose Glass in Oven Door - glass in Oven Door isn't safe
bullet Oven Door Glass has become detached, Over Door needs fixing
bullet Electric Cooker is cutting out electrical supply
bullet Oven Clock and Timer is faulty and not working correctly
bullet Electric Cooker clock not working- Cooker clock broken
bullet Electric hob not warming up - hob rings not working

We can fix and repair all the above common Electric Oven and Cooker faults and more so give us a call
Same Day Electric Oven, Cooker and Hob Repairs Redditch
Affordable Appliance Repairs of Redditch are able to service, repair and fix almost every make and brand of Electric Cooker and Oven. We have yet to find an Electric Oven and Cooker brand we can't fix and repair!

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